Spring Fling, Fringe & School

Unfortunately, the event is cancelled due to the recent unforseen circumstances (COVID-19 outbreak)

RSCDS Moscow Branch and the local organizing committee are happy to invite you to Spring Fling & Fringe 2020 that will be held in Saint Petersburg, one of the most beautiful Russian cities. For everyone involved in SCD in Russia, early May usually means Spring School of Scottish Dancing. And since Spring School is very similar to Spring Fling & Fringe in spirit, we decided to bring them together! This means twice as much of dancing, fun and new friendship!
A lot of RSCDS prominent members have come to visit dancing events in Russia before as teachers, musicians and participants (you surely know Malcolm Brown, Helen Russell, Ron Wallace, Ian and Judith Muir among the others). Here you can find their feedback and figure out what awaits you.
As the most European city in Russia Saint Petersburg is known as “the Northern Venice”. There are café terraces opened day and night just like in Paris, the weather which is rather Scottish, and friendly people who are ready to help.
If you have any questions, we are ready to help you with each and every stage of planning your visit and during the whole weekend as well!

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