Common Information

Here is some information you might need to know about travelling to Saint Petersburg.

Spoken language

Russian. In the centre of the city, the staff in restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops usually speaks English. But an English-speaking person can rarely be met on the outskirts.


During the School, Spring Fling and Spring Fringe the temperature is expected to be around +10°C (judging from the multi-year averages). But it is possible that the temperature might rise to some +25°C. Also, rains and winds are possible. You might want to check the weather forecast right before your trip.


The currency in Russia is Russian Ruble (the approximate rates are ~ 1 USD for 1 USD, ~ 1 EUR for 1 EUR). You can pay by cash or card almost everywhere, but we suggest carrying some cash with you.

You can exchange money at the airport or in the city centre. And like in every tourist place it is better to double-check the exchange rates, excess fees and commissions. Euro and U.S. dollar are the best for exchanging in terms of rates. British pounds can be exchangeable in some places, but the rate may be overvalued. Other currencies are barely exchangeable or the exchange rate might be not very attractive. It is also important to remember that coins are not exchangeable at all.


There is a well-developed transport system in Saint Petersburg. More information you can find in the dedicated article here.


220 V, 50 Hz. In Russia, power plugs are of “Euro” or “Schuko” type. A more detailed description is available on this website. The guests from some countries might need a special adapter to use power outlets.


There are many cafes and restaurants serving dishes from various cuisines: European, Italian, Chinese, of course, Russian. Fast food places are available as well.

English menus are usually available in restaurants and cafes in the city centre. Also, in many places, one could expect menus with pictures of dishes.


In Russia, tips are not always expected. If you want, you can tip in restaurants or cafes. Usually, the tips are around 5-10% of the bill. Taxi services don’t require tips.


* For informational purposes only. Exchange rates may vary. Based on ECB reference rates.