Sergey Alferov

Moscow, Russia

Sergey is the head teacher of Shady Glen Scottish & Welsh dance studio in Moscow and one of the most enthusiastic promoters of Scottish (soft-shoe) step dancing in Russia and worldwide.

Fellow of the UK Alliance of Professional teachers of Dancing (UKA) in Scottish step and SCD, Sergey is the devisor of the UKA Scottish (soft-shoe) step dance syllabus (2011, revised in 2012).

Back in 2006, Sergey was reportedly the first male dancer ever to take part in St. Andrew’s summer school Scottish ladies’ step dance demonstration.

Since 2012, he has been running a Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/ScotStep) aimed at making Scottish soft-shoe step dancing more accessible to learners all over the world. The channel’s contributors include the best step dancers and teachers from Shady Glen studio as well as such superstar teachers as Helen Russell (RSCDS) and Delma Wilson (UKA, RSOBHD).

Sergey’s love for teaching extends well beyond Scottish step, Scottish country, Cape Breton step, Highland and Scottish national dancing. Some of the other subjects in his teacher portfolio include English as a foreign language, Russian as a foreign language and world history for the IB Diploma.

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