Alasdair Brown

Glasgow, UK

Alasdair started dancing aged 5 and was initially taught by his parents. He moved to Glasgow for university and started attending the demonstration class. He has danced with a number of groups around the Glasgow area both socially and in competitions and is delighted that his four children either do, or want to do Scottish Country Dancing. He has also written over 60 dances, varying from the quite straight forward to the “You want me to do what?!” He has regularly taught a Glasgow Branch class for much of the last 14 years, with 5 being the demonstration class. He has taught day and weekend schools throughout the UK and in Europe, and has also taught at both the RSCDS Summer and Winter schools and adjudicated at some of the local dancing festivals in Scotland. This will be his third teaching at Spring Fling having taught at the two held in Glasgow. Alasdair is looking forward to visiting St Petersburg and teaching at Spring Fling.

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