Competitive Highland Dancing Classes

May 3rd is the day of Highland dance workshops from the one and only Deryck Mitchelson! Classes for dancers of all levels are something not to be missed. Deryck’s teaching style gives learners inspiration, energy and drive for the year to come!


Mutokukai Studio (Obvodny Canal Embankment, 136). See venue map for further information.


The registration to these classes is separate from the Spring Fling / Fringe / School classes and needs to be performed in advanced. These classes are not included into Spring Fling / Fringe / School participation fees and are to be paid separately.


Registration fee is 4000 RUB and is paid separately.

To reserve your spot

  • Create or login to your personal account here
  • If you are not going to participate in the SCD events, then select “Evening Events / Individual Classes only” way of participation
  • In your personal account choose “Evening events, classes and additional services”
  • Choose “Competitive Highland dancing classes on 3.05”
  • Press “Save”, but do not pay. Do not worry, it’s basically a form of confirmation and to inform us about your participation.
  • Wait for a couple of days for your payment instructions.