Bridges and navigation

One of Saint Petersburg names is ‘the Venice of the North’ – and that’s not accidentally. Most of the city is laying on different islands, so the bridges are important part of city life. There are more than 300 bridges in Saint Petersburg, 13 of them are movable.

The navigation period usually starts at the end of April and lasts till November, so you will arrive at the very beginning of bridges moving period.

If you are planning to walk through the city at night, you need to learn the bridges timetable. This information will help you not to get stuck on one of the islands until morning 🙂

OK, we have scared you a little bit, now we have the Western High-Speed Diameter that allows to take a taxi practically from everywhere, but it will take much more time and money than during the day. So try to take care of the bridges!

Also, please remember that the metro is closing right after midnight. From 30th of April to 15th of November from 01-00 to 03-00 (of Friday and Saturday night) there is a night train from ‘Admiralteiskaja’ to ‘Sportivnaja’ stations. Is allows crossing the Neva River without going round the whole city. The train is departing every 20 minutes, the trip can be paid by metro tokens only.