Irina Vylegzhanina

Riga, Latvia

Irina is a professional cellist. Born in Kirov, she studied in Kazenin Kirov Regional College Of Musical Arts. After the graduation, she won first prize in a regional competition under the supervision of Elena Selezneva. Then Irina entered Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory as a student of professor Maria Tchaikovskaya and won scholarships of Yаmaha Music Foundation and Russian Performing Art Foundation. She took part in a number of international festivals like Ionian Concerts in Greece, We Gather Friends in Russia, Salacgrīvas klasiskās mūzikas festivāls in Latvia.
Now Irina lives in Riga and performs in Latvia, Russia and other countries. Those who do Scottish Country Dancing may have heard her play in Tallin at SCD Weekend in December. Apart from performing, Irina works in Bolderājas Mūzikas un mākslas skola, teaching young musicians to play bowed string instruments.

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