Spring School of Scottish Country Dancing

Spring School of Scottish Dancing is an annual event, that’s been organized by RSCDS Moscow Branch since 2013 (except for 2018). 

First, we wanted to have a teacher training for new SCD teachers and give them an opportunity to pass the exam and get an RSCDS teaching certificate. To accomplish that, we invited Malcolm Brown as the tutor, Andrew Nolan as the musician and volunteers to help our candidates with exams. And then, to keep our volunteers entertained and not bored, we invited more dancers (as many as the dancing hall could fit) and organized for them dancing classes. That’s how our first Spring School was born. 

When organizing, we based our event on the RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews: 
1. It’s not just a weekend, it’s 5 days of most fascinating classes. 
2. We offer you not only SCD, but also Scottish solo dances. 

Within Russian context, our School suddenly came out to be very much like Spring Fling. Look: 
1. The average age of a Russian dancer is 25-35 years. It happened to be that people of such age have greater interest in SCD than other dancers. 
2. We try to choose different locations for our School each year. Russia is a huge country, and groups of dancers fond of Scottish dancing, exist in many cities, from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok.