Vladimir Garbuzov

Nizhniy Novogorod, Russia

Vladimir works for the fire truck manufacturer in Nizhniy Novgorod, but his work doesn’t hinder him from organizing Scottish events during vacations and holidays within and outside of Russia. In 1993 he was faced with dancing for the first time but didn’t get the wind up. He was doing ballroom and then historical dancing. Finally, he found himself somewhere in between – in modern Scottish Country Dance.
His great experience of teaching Highland and Scottish Country Dance influenced his outlook greatly. At present, he practices teaching on the regular bases in his city as well as travelling far and wide with dance workshops and events.
Proclaiming that “It is never late to learn” Vladimir successfully passed the RSCDS exams to put acquired skills and knowledge into practice.
His intense curiosity and vivid imagination help him to prepare successful demo teams and to implement the ideas for his new dances.
During the event, Vladimir will teach Scottish Country Dance classes.