Classes and levels


  • Intermediate & Advanced SCD classes for Spring School / Spring Fringe
  • Intermediate, Advanced & Very Advanced SCD classes on Spring Fling
  • Scottish (Ladies’) Step
  • Cape Breton
  • … and more!

We suggest to follow the same SCD class selection rules as for RSCDS Summer School:

  • Intermediate classes are focused on technical aspects, phrasing, accurate movements, step transition and teamwork. These classes demand knowledge of basic figures and steps (such as skip-change of step, slip step, pas-de-basque, strathspey travelling & setting).
  • Advanced level requires confidence in dancing Allemande, Pousette, Grand Chain, Reels of 3, Double triangles, Corner chain, Crown triangles.
  • Very Advanced level (Spring Fling only) is chosen by experienced dancers with a high level of technique, developed sense of rhythm, good understanding of cribs and diagrams. The dancers are expected to be familiar with such figures as the Rondel, Strathspey Poussette, The Targe, The Tournée, The Espagnole, En rond, The Spoke, The Knot, The Spurtle.