RSCDS Moscow Branch

RSCDS Moscow Branch was found in 2005 and was based on Moscow School of Scottish Dancing. To date it is the only Branch in Russia. But the number of groups more or less doing Scottish dancing is about 40, they are all over Russia.
Not all our dancers are members of RSCDS, but those who are (in the first place, teachers) identify themselves as Moscow Branch members.

As our Branch is all-Russian rather than Moscow-based, we were able to choose any Russian city for our event, and we chose Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is a large modern city with a rich history. Its location is very convenient, as it is easily reached by both Russian dancers and our foreign guests.
The infrastructure here is well-developed. There are nice dance halls, easy to use transport systems with signs in English, comfotable hotels, a lot of cafes and restaurants. And all of it is cheaper than in Moscow.

Saint Petersburgh has another important point! Here we have an active local SCD group. The members of it are ready to help you whenever you need it.