Demo teams festival

You are welcome to join our SCD Festival which will be held during Spring Fling and Spring School 2020 in St. Petersburg. This festival is organised annually as a part of Russian Spring Schools. This time we want to bring together teams from all over the world. No matter who you are — feel free to join in. Find a team and get ready to dance in St Petersburg!

Two nominations are open: mixed team and display.


Entries will be accepted on the forms provided, subject to the following conditions:

1. Entries must be received by the Organising Committee on or before 1st March 2020.
2. There will be a maximum of 15 entries with no more than ten entries per class. As soon as the maximum is reached no further entries will be accepted. A waiting list will be used in case any team cancels its participation.
3. A separate entry form should be used for each entry.
4. Restrictions. Competitors should not take part in more than one team in each class. Teams in two classes with an overlap of dancers must perform different dances.
5. Teams should normally consist of four couples, except in the Display Class. Teams of three couples may be accepted if the Organising Committee is informed in advance and space is available.
6. All dances for Classes should be chosen from RSCDS publications. Choice of dance must be stated on the Entry Form at the time of application. Dances will normally be performed four times through. Each chosen dance must show both setting and travelling steps. The level of difficulty of a chosen dance will be taken into account.
7. Competitors should indicate the type of music to be used for their performance e.g. CD, piano etc. If the services of the official accompanist are required then this must be stated on the Entry Form.
8. The Organising Committee will decide the times of the classes and the order of teams.
9. Competitors who fail to appear at their designated time will forfeit their right to compete.
10. The Adjudicators will place the first three competitors in each class and announce their marks. Marks and general comments will appear on the adjudication sheets for each team and these may be collected at the end of the festival.
11. The decision of the Adjudicators shall be final.
12. The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter, modify or cancel any of the arrangements for the Festival if this is deemed necessary or expedient.

General Information


Entry Fee is 20 euro per team.

Dance choice

Teams may make their own choice of dances within the rules.

Nomination 1: Open Mixed

Two dances to be named on the Entry Form, one in Strathspey and one in Reel or Jig time.

Nomination 2: Display

This nomination will be judged on the entertainment value of the display through the medium of Scottish Country Dances The adjudicators will be seated with the audience for this nomination only.
Each team will be allocated up to a maximum of five minutes from entry to exit to perform at least three published Scottish Country Dances of which one must show Strathspey.
The team should announce its dances and can use any source of music.
There will be no adjudication sheets issued.

For your convenience, the regulations are available as a single document here

Entry Form

If the form is not loading, then please use the direct link